Vital Stats/Bios: 41yrs old, Mother of 3, Fitness Trainer and Figure Champion.
I started figure bodybuilding in 2011 at the age of 37yrs. My greatest accomplishment was placing 5th at Australian Nationals 2014 in women’s figure short and masters 40+.

My Favourite Crankt product: The Choc Raspberry Protein bar. To perform at my best, from start to finish, Crankt delivers the right nutrients to support my energy levels, and when I feel like a treat they satisfy my taste buds – guilt free!!

Views on health and nutrition: Health and nutrition are a priority not only to me but also my family. My aim is to be a role model for them. We live a very active lifestyle, and as any mum would agree, we only want the best for our children. I have realised that age is no barrier and my mission in life is to be healthy and fit for life. My motto is to try to be better than I was yesterday, as I desire to inspire as many as I can so we all can live a healthy, long life.

Who/what inspires you? Myself. I’ve inspired myself by transforming my body and creating a healthy lifestyle, installing better behaviours and creating new habits to maintain the sculpted physique.

I am inspired by all athletes (amateurs and professionals) for their sheer determination, dedication and discipline to achieve their goals. I honestly believe that if YOU believe in yourself, it’s the first secret to any success.

PROTEIN INTAKE: 168 grams of protein a day.


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