I am an experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach, specialising in the training of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighters.

I am a coach at the Wimp2Warrior gym and also the Strength and Conditioning coach for their TV series and mainstream conditioning classes for the public.

I understand the enormous impact of the mental aspect of the Martial Arts, and hope to help my clients and followers to tap into their full potential to build confidence and ability that will, in turn, benefit all aspects of their lives. I respect the holistic connection that Crankt makes between the sporting arena and confidence in the outside world, as I believe it is integral to all physical training.

I believe the most important thing about being an athlete, is not just physical transformation and strength, but the power to inspire people to make positive change in their own lives and find the confidence to chase their dreams, as I have.

I am living my dream now, I coach and work with the best trainers in Australia and all around the world. I am constantly working to improve myself, support my family and encourage my clients to achieve their personal goals.

PROTEIN INTAKE: 110 grams of protein a day.


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