Bio: Full-time boilermaker, part time Bmx racer. Racing for 22 years starting at seven years old. 2x national champion, 4x NSW state champion, 1x Victorian champion, 3x ACT state champion, multiple NSW state series winner.

Mums side of the family had a long history of road and track cycling, so I was raised around bikes. I started BMX at seven years old at the now defunct Bankstown BMX club and after two years, I moved to Liverpool BMX club of which I am still a member today.

I have been a coach for 12 years since I was 16 and enjoy helping riders of all ages and abilities to improve their skill and make them faster. In my spare time, I enjoy riding motocross and steel fabrication at home.

Favourite Crankt product: My favourite is the 55gm Choc Raspberry Crankt Protein Bar and the 20gm Banana Crankt Protein Shake 375ml.

Views on health and nutrition: Everything is a balance, but it’s not rocket science. Eat wholesome foods and train hard, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself sometimes.

Who / what inspires me: My dad, Mohammad Ali, Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Villopoto, Mick Doohan, the fans cheering the kids on the sidelines at racing.

PROTEIN INTAKE: 215 grams of protein a day.


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