Biggest Achievement:
Top 32 in the Rotterdam World Champs 2014 (first-year elite).

Bio: I have a great passion for my sport of BMX Racing. I do it because I love it. It’s the only thing I see myself doing, ever.

I try to stay as self-motivated as possible. Ever since I started training seriously, I tend to train on my own, aiming to be the hardest worker out there. It’s always good to have someone there to push you also, but I believe if I can push myself, anything is possible.

Music plays a massive role in not only my training but life in general. It keeps the fire burning.

Views on health and nutrition:
Eating and living a healthy lifestyle has always been something I was taught very young by my parents, although I try not to be too strict either. Ever since Crankt came along things have become so much easier as its already packaged, so it’s pretty much grab and go most days when I’m on the run in between training sessions and work.

Favourite Crankt product and why:
My Favourite Crankt Product is the 20g Banana shake!

Who/what inspires you?
It’s crazy to think what inspires me, even though racing BMX is what I do, great athletes outside of my sport like Ronda Rousey / Floyd Mayweather really drive me to be up there with the worlds greatest athletes. I have big dreams and I know one day I will fulfil them.

PROTEIN INTAKE: 220 grams of protein a day.


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