Vital stats: 193cm 72kg

Biggest accomplishment:
4th in Windsurfing NSW titles
5th in NSW SUP titles
2nd in Merimbula Classic SUP competition

Favorite Crankt product:
My favorite product would have to be the protein shakes as they are easy to drink, and you don’t feel bloated after your use them, they are also low carb and high protein, which is great. My favourite flavour would have to be the banana 375ml.

Views on health and nutrition:

Health and nutrition are super important to me as fueling your body correctly enables me to train harder for longer. Quick recovery is vital in maximizing my training and having a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet results in a faster recovery.

Who or what inspires you:
People like 11 x world champion Kelly Slater and Kai Lenny inspire me. They both lead a healthy lifestyle which is vital for elite athletes.

Anything else you want the world to know about you:
I am totally into action sports; this comes from my family who has never been into traditional sports. Through the winter months, I snowboard and ski as much as I can. I enjoy riding motorbikes, and I used to ride in motocross and off-road competitions. In the ocean, I also like to surf my short boards and long board.

PROTEIN INTAKE: 200 grams of protein a day.



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